In memory of my father.
(en recuerdo de mi padre)

Hector E. Marcano.
8/18/14 - 3/16/95
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Diane & Linda

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*Las Vegas Trip 2004*
4 days at the Paris Casino
on the Las Vegas Strip.

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Four Days & Nights at the Paris Hotel Casino on "The Strip" in Las Vegas.

Continental Airlines flew us on a seemlingly endless journey to Nevada. Arriving at the Las Vegas Airport 5 1/2 hours later and suffering from nicotine withdrawal, I schlepped our carry-on bags to the front where we were greated by a Ceasars Limo to take us to the Paris casino hotel. A place we'd call home for the next four days.

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With the Heart-Wrenching loss of Big Dummy, We have decided to get 2 kittens.
After much forthought we decided on a brother and sister.

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Deck Party 2005

Atlantis Resort & Casino - Paradise Island, Bahamas - April '05
View from our hotel room - Click to see more pictures of Paradise Island


Special thanks to Diane's Employer for sending us to the Atlantis Resort & Casino in the Bahamas for 4 days.
Above is the view from our hotel room. We were in the Coral tower facing the Royal Tower above.
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Deck Parties

Vegas - March '05

Diane with Rock Tavern's Most Wanted...
Paul Teutul Sr.

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Nothing made Diane happier then to see Paul Sr. come walking into Craft Steak at the MGM.

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2000 Cancelled


2002 - Lost these pictures with a hard drive crash.




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Digital pictures only please.
If you don't have a digital camera many developers of film will make you digital copies.



Click here for a picture of the house in Quogue with the second story added.


Me and My 2003 FXSTI
Can't get rid of those reflectors fast enough.
Exhausts gotta go too.

Diane with Goverrnor George Pataki


The Big Dummy
(AKA: Devil boy, Madulla)
Rose rides the Sportsman 400 Quad
Forever will be

Under Construction

Devil Passed away this past March '06 at age 12. We believe he was struck by a vehicle in early January. We found him hurt and rushed him to the animal hospital. After a grooling two months and very high expense it was clear he would never walk again. Diane and I did one of the hardest things we've ever had to do and put the Big Dummy to sleep. I can't write this without watering.

We'll miss you old boy.


Nothing was funnier this year than seeing my wife drive
my mother up and down the catskill hills on the
back of a Polaris Sporstman 400. (Summer '04)

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Uncle Jack in the Hamptons - August '04


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